Lecture Luncheons

Lecture luncheon

At the Forum Nov. Lecture Luncheon are (l to r) Karen Lee Zachry, Forum Past President; Peter M. Ravdin, PhD, MD, Director of CTRC Comprehensive Breast Care Center; Suzanne Dabbous, MD, former Forum President and Lecture Luncheon organizer; and Anne Seay, Lecture Luncheon organizer.

Our Spring Lecture Luncheon, to be held on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the Argyle. We are thrilled to have the Texas Biomedical Research Institute’s scientist, Ruth M. Ruprecht, M.D., Ph.D., as our featured lecture luncheon speaker discussing "Are Antibodies Against the AIDS Virus Good Guys or Bad Guys?"

These sell-out, members-only luncheons are offered in the Fall and Spring of each year. They cost $45 per person ($15 is tax deductible). Tables of 8 are also available for purchase ($360; $120 is tax deductible).

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Past lecture topics:
Fall 2013:
Mining the Human Genome for the Secrets Behind Parkinson's Disease.
John Blangero, Ph.D.
Texas Biomed
Spring  2013:
Food for Thought: Diet and Genes in Disease Riske
Dr. Anthony Comuzzie
Texas Biomed
Fall  2012:
Out of Africa: How West Nile and other African viruses impact our lives and what we are doing to stop them.
Dr. Robert Davey
Texas Biomed
Spring  2012:
The Age of  Biodefense
Jean Patterson, Ph.D.
Texas Biomed


Dr. Anthony Comuzzie


Fall 2011:
The Bold Future of Biomedical Research
Dr. John VandeBerg
Spring 2011:
Can I be Lady Bountiful but still draw a Boundary???
Dr. Madeleine Reichert
Fall 2010:
Winning in Breast Cancer - Why Breast Cancer Mortality is Dramatically Decreasing in the United States.
Peter Ravdin, M.D., Ph.D.
Spring 2010:
What Our Genes Tell Us
John Blangero, Ph.D.
Fall 2009:
Choices We Make: The Latest Science on Living the Longest in Good Health
Clinton E. Baisden M.D., FACS
Spring 2009:
Wind, Sun and the Future of Energy
Amy Hardberger
Fall 2008:
Homeopathy - Rethinking Wellness and Healing
Lawrence M. Cohen, M.D.
Spring 2008:
Umbilical Cords...What Was Trash Is Now Treasure
Morey Kraus
Fall 2007:
Is Green the New Black?
Mary Kelly
Environmental Defense Fund
Spring 2007:
The Power of Two: The Impact of Relationship
Theresa Moore
Fall 2006:
Bird Flu...Should I Just Stay Home?
Jean Patterson, Ph.D.
Scientist, Texas Biomed
Spring 2006:
Texas Biomed: Present and Future
Anthony J. Infante, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Texas Biomed
Fall 2005:
Lorena Havill, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist,
Texas Biomed
Spring 2005:
Can we be Saintly and Still be Sane?
Dr. Madeleine Reichert
Fall 2004:
Advancing the Vision,
Frank F. Ledford, Jr., M.D.
Texas Biomed
Spring 2004:
Food, Fads and Facts:
Nutrition and Dieting Reviewed from a Scientific Perspective,

Deborah A. Neigut, M.D. and Georgiana S. Gross, RD, LD MPH
the University of Texas Health Science Center
Fall 2003:
Emerging Viruses in Neighboring Countries,
Dr. Rebecca Rico-Hesse
Texas Biomed
Spring 2003:
Genetic Make-up of Women,
Dr. Laura Cox
Texas Biomed
Fall 2002:
Bioterrorism: Viral and Bacterial Pathogen Threats,
Dr. Jean Patterson
Texas Biomed